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Stop the exercise excuses, start seeing the results

Stop the exercise excuses, start seeing the results

Regular exercise may be key to a healthy lifestyle, but for many of us, it ends up on our priority list somewhere after watering the plants and tidying the spare room. The fact is that if you’re feeling unmotivated, you’ll always find an excuse to avoid exercise. Here are a few classic excuses you may have caught yourself saying – and how to avoid them.

‘There just aren’t enough hours in the day’

Life is busier than it’s ever been. Between work, the kids, grocery shopping, cooking meals and trying to squeeze in a social life, there isn’t much time left for anything, let alone exercise. The remedy? Make exercise a priority, even if it means cutting back on some of your other activities.

‘Exercise doesn’t excite me’

Working out needn’t be limited to a treadmill, stationary bike or the weights section at your local gym, unless you’d like it to be. Find something that ‘speaks’ to you. If you prefer to exercise outdoors, try cycling, trail running or hit the court for a game of tennis. If a high-energy workout is more your thing, sign up for a hip hop dancing class and if you’re a real water baby, find a swimming squad in your area or look into stand up paddling (SUP) or surfing.

‘I’m too tired to exercise’

We all feel a little worse for wear by the end of a busy day, but that’s really no excuse to hit the couch – exercise is actually one of the best ways to boost your energy levels. Try working out in the morning when your body is fresh and before the day gets away from you. If you’re not a morning person, get social with a game of squash after work or take your dog for a run – that way you both benefit and you needn’t feel guilty every time you glance in Bruno’s direction.

‘I don’t have a training partner’

Lots of people don’t! Many of us do however know at least one person who’s keen to start training and also just needs a bit of a push. If you don’t, the best way to find one is to start training – by leading a healthy lifestyle, you’re bound to meet like-minded people and hopefully a training partner, too.

‘I have kids to think about’

If you’ve got little people in your life, you’ll know that it’s quite easy for them to keep you busy 24/7. So while this excuse is legit, it doesn’t mean you need to accept it. If you can’t drop your children with granny or a friend for an hour, get active as a family – play a game of cricket, go for a bike ride, or if they’re still very young, pop them in a pram and run or walk while you push them around the neighbourhood.

‘I can’t afford a gym contract’

Since when has a gym contract been a prerequisite to exercise? Get your running shoes on and hit the road. Take a fast-paced walk around the block during your lunch hour. Borrow a bicycle and take it for a spin after work. Find a few workout videos on YouTube and exercise in the comfort of your own home. The list goes on… And remember: whether you’re training indoors or out, always set goals that are doable and monitor your progress – there’s no greater motivation!