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Quick and easy workout routines!

Quick and easy workout routines!

Is your schedule way too busy for you to even think about dropping in at the gym for a quick 30-minute session? Well, here are some quick and easy workouts you can do while completing daily tasks!

1. Toothbrush squats: when brushing your teeth, don’t just stand hunched over the sink, squat! Extend your legs apart, bend your knees (keeping the back straight) until you are in a seated position, and straighten. Repeat until your teeth are squeaky clean.

2. Alternative transport: if you need to pop out to the shop quickly, or you live close enough to work, why not take your bicycle instead of your car? You’ll not only get a workout, you’ll save on petrol costs too! Do this at least two to three times a week.

3. Sneaky abs workout:  while you’re in a meeting, watching television or even driving, sit up straight and tighten your abs – this is a real workout.

4. Go the extra mile: opt for the stairs instead of the lift or park further away so that you can get more walking in – these are simple changes you can make that won’t take up much of your time.

5. Calf raises: while you’re cooking, on the phone or even standing in long queues, raise your heels to stand on your toes and flatten you feet. Doing this repeatedly will strengthen your calf muscles.

These quick and easy workouts along with a healthy well-balanced diet will give you so much more energy to your complete daily tasks as well as boost your immune system – it’s that easy!