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Practical ways to manage stress

Practical ways to manage stress

Living in such a fast paced environment as we do, it is all too easy to become stressed out. Keep in mind that increased stress levels can have damaging effects on your overall health. It is therefore important that you manage your stress levels, or even pre-empt it if you can.

Here are a few practical tips when you feel your stress levels are rising:

1. Figure out where the stress is coming from – by pinpointing where the stress is coming from or what is causing it, you’ll be able to get to a solution that will help you reduce your stress.

2. Manage your time well – lack of time is one of the biggest stressors in people’s lives today. It is important that you manage your time well to avoid stressful situations.

3. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals – ensure that you do not skip meals and keep energy boosting snacks on-hand to get you through the day.

4. Get enough sleep – get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Keep in mind that when you are stressed, your body needs additional sleep to rest.

5. Exercise – this is a good way for your body to de-stress. Add a light exercise routine to your schedule and watch your stress decrease and energy levels increase.

6. Limit the amount of alcohol / caffeine you consume – these substances are anxiety triggers. When your anxiety peaks, so do your stress levels.

Stress is inevitable – it walks in and out of our lives on a regular basis, and it can easily get the better of us unless we take action. The above-mentioned tips will easily help you to manage your stress while increasing your energy levels. Getting through the working day will be so much easier.


You might find that the first clues of being stressed are physical – fatigue, headaches or an upset stomach. This could be because when we feel stressed emotionally, our bodies release hormones called cortisol and adrenaline. This is the body’s automatic way of preparing to respond to a threat. If you’re often stressed then you’re probably producing high levels of these hormones, which can make you feel physically ill and could affect your health in the longer term.