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Make a move to lighter living

Make a move to lighter living

Spring is here, which means it’s time to shake off the winter chill, think warm, summery thoughts and make some seasonal lifestyle changes. In preparation for a fabulous summer, here’s how to revamp your diet, your exercise routine and your energy levels:

Lighten up your menu

Bye bye winter! Those hearty stews and soups were great, as were the wine, chocolate and warm fires. But now it’s time to think light and healthy:

-Max out the salads and get creative with fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables.

-Skip the heavy drinks and grab a glass of chilled water with a twist of lemon or orange to keep yourself well hydrated.

-Slip a packet of your favourite dried fruit and nut mix into your bag or car to keep you energised when you’re out and about.

Move those muscles

No more cowering under the covers when it’s cold – it’s time to get active again. With the sun coming up earlier, there’s great incentive to catch a sunrise and get that body back into shape at the same time. Getting moving again might be difficult at first, but you’ll love the energy boost that comes with exercise, and the firmer body and toned muscles that will emerge. Some tips to get you started:

-Find a friend with whom you can exercise.

-Do something you enjoy (why hate exercise?).

-Try something new like a dance class, a hike or even rock climbing.

-Don’t skimp on a good high SPF sunscreen and a hat if you’re heading outdoors.

-Make sure you always have a bottle of water on hand.

Recharge your energy levels

In winter we tend to hibernate, but more daylight generally means more time. By changing your eating and exercise habits you’ll immediately have more energy, but there are some other things you can do to give yourself a boost:

-Toss out what you don’t need. It’s a fact, clutter drags you down.

-De-stress. Choose to do what energises you.

-Cut down on screen time at night. Screens give off a blue light that decreases melatonin production, affecting your sleep cycle. Pick up a book instead, start a new craft or pull out those old board games.

-Hang out with good friends who leave you feeling happy and recharged.