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How to reduce your carbon footprint

How to reduce your carbon footprint

With South Africa currently experiencing the most severe drought in 30 years, affecting more than 27 million households, we focus our attention on Environmental Awareness Month which is now in February, and how we can help to reduce our carbon footprint and so minimise unnecessary stress on our environment.

A carbon footprint measures the total greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by a person, organisation, event or product.” – Carbon Trust

The following tips can be used to effectively reduce your carbon footprint:

– Unplug your gadgets – completely switching off your technological gadgets is good for the planet. Unplug your charger when it’s not in use – if it is plugged in it is still absorbing electricity.

– Change your light bulbs – compact fluorescent bulbs reduce up to 1300 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution during its lifetime, reducing the electricity spent on lighting by half!

– Make use of public transport or opt for carpooling – taking the bus or train to work will cut down the number of cars on the road, reducing the amount of carbon emissions.

– Filter your own water – take into account how far your bottled water needed to travel and the amount of plastic used before you could quench you thirst. Tap water is perfectly suitable, especially if you make use of a filtration jug.

– Work on a laptop rather than desktop – laptops are designed to be energy efficient. A laptop can save up to 80% more energy than a desktop.

– Plant a tree – it’s one of the more classic ways you can cut your carbon footprint. Trees provide shade as well as oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide.

– Be mindful of how you consume news – if you choose to consume news via print; make sure to recycle your newspapers or magazines effectively.

– Choose local – by buying your food only from local farmers, butchers, etc., means that it spent less time and generated less carbon emissions getting to you. Make sure to purchase foods that are in season too!

Being more mindful of what you and how consume will make a huge difference. Let’s try and be more environmentally friendly!