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Healthy lunchbox ideas for your kids

Healthy lunchbox ideas for your kids

Ever wondered what you should be packing in your child’s lunchbox for a full day at school? A balanced packed lunch should include a starchy food, a protein, dairy item and a portion of fruit or vegetables. This combination will ensure that your child has energy throughout the day, while keeping healthy. March 4th-8th is School Health Week – do your bit by ensuring that your child goes off to school with a healthy lunchbox, maybe even some extra healthy treats to share! Get them excited about their at-school meals with the following nutritious, wholesome, yet fun ideas!

  • Oatmeal Cookie: add a healthy sweet treat, instead of chips or chocolates! Oatmeal will give your kids that long lasting energy they need throughout the day.
  • Ham, cheese and apple wraps: this is perfect for a no-bread option. Apple and cheese slices, wrapped up in sliced ham. 
  • Mini quiche: a tasty way to hide vegetables fro a light lunch, filled with protein.
  • Fruit skewers: a light rainbow coloured side snack is a great way to add nutrition and colour!
  • BBQ chicken wrap: if your children are always complaining about boring old sandwiches, switch things up with this easy wrap – flavourful and filling.



  • Bump up the colour – bright colours are the easiest way to increase the ‘wow’ factor in your child’s lunchbox. Include foods that are colourful and nutritious, like sticks of carrots, strawberries, grapes or diced pineapple.
  • Have fun with shapes – get yourself cookie cutters and make those boring old sandwiches a tad more interesting. You could even use them to cut out cheese or fruit pieces.
  • Variety – pack at least three different types of food in your child’s lunchbox every day. Make use of different types of bread, instead of the usual white bread with crust.
  • Packaging – to avoid your child opening his or her lunchbox and finding a mushy mess, get a lunchbox that has different sections – easier and even more convenient. Wrap things up in plastic wrap to avoid leakage.
  • H2o – encourage your child to drink more water by opting for infused water. Special infuse friendly water bottles are available at leading retail store nationwide – they have a special compartment within the bottle for fresh fruit. They will get the nutrients from the fruit without the messy pieces!
  • Popcorn – this is a great substitute for chips. It’s healthier, crunchy and fun!
  • Skewer – your new best friend for making a lunchbox more exciting is a skewer – it makes everything look ten times better. Just cut ingredients into bite sized pieces and put them onto a skewer. Instead of the usual brown wooden ones, try getting the colourful characterised ones that don’t have sharp edges.
  • Be prepared – as packing good, nutritious, but exciting meals for your children can become quite time consuming, prepare meals in advance. This will take up less time each morning – we know too well how hectic mornings can be!