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Boost your immune system this winter

Boost your immune system this winter

Your immune system works hard to fight off colds and flu, but if you find yourself dealing with the sniffles every winter, it might be time to give it a helping hand. Here are five easy tips to help you boost your overall health and wellbeing, and support your body’s natural defence system.

Diet makes a difference

Give your body the fuel it needs to function effectively by eating a diet rich in colourful fruit and veg, opting for good quality proteins and including healthy fats. And while you know this already, it’s worth saying it again: cut out the junk food and avoid sugary and processed foods as much as possible.

Think about what you drink

Remember to drink enough water and avoid having too much caffeine and alcohol. If you find you can go through the whole day without a single glass of water, keep a jug on your desk and add some lemon slices, berries or mint leaves for added flavour and start drinking!

Work up a sweat

Aim for around 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day, whether that’s going for a jog, taking the dog for a walk or hitting the gym. Along with numerous body benefits, exercise helps you to maintain a healthy weight, is a great stress reliever and boosts your feel-good hormones. So dust off those trainers and get moving today.

Develop a healthy headspace

We’re all exposed to a certain level of stress each day – and some stress can actually be good for you – but when you find yourself dealing with chronic stress that drains you, it’s time to make a change. Try to avoid chronic stressors and find coping mechanisms to help you manage stressful times or situations – good options include daily meditation, yoga and regular exercise.

If you don’t snooze, you lose

It’s no surprise that you feel better after a good night’s sleep – getting enough shut eye is important for your mind, body and overall wellbeing. Experts recommend about 7–9 hours a night, so make sure you put the lights out on time. And if you’re having trouble falling asleep, avoid caffeine in the evenings and cut down screen time on devices like tablets and mobile phones before bed.